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Interview: Christian Sparacio

Interview by Rebecca Mae

Photo by Abby Clare

Hi Christian, welcome back to AON! How have you been?

Your newest single is titled “Sunsets and Revelry”, and was released at the end of September. Can you tell us a little bit about the song, and its origins?

Sunsets and Revelry is a song about making a big life change and the journey that comes in between where you were and where you’ll arrive next.

You also recently announced a tour, congratulations! What are you most excited for regarding being on the road in November?

Thank you! I am excited to bond with my band mates on long haul drives eating ramen and sleeping on the apartment floors of friends. Obviously the music and playing live is a given, but I am so excited for the bonding that is going to happen on this little run in the Northeast.

What else is in the works for you?

I am currently working on an EP that will be releasing 10/29. It is my first cohesive project and I am excited to show people how a bunch of my songs all string together to create a cohesive narrative.

Have you experimented much in the realm of your album artwork/music videos? What does your involvement in that process look like?

In terms of album artwork I am always either the creator of the art or the one with the vision commissioning an artist to make the vision a reality. I love working with talented artists because I have vivid ideas in my mind but I absolutely stink at drawing. I love when the artwork portrays the ideals of the song it is representing. Look out for little Easter eggs on my album art, too! As for music videos it is often the same - I conjure up some idea in my mind and work with a talented videographer to fill in the spaces and make the vision a reality.

What would your dream music video look like?

I would love to have a big team of costume designers and actors to put together real film style music videos. The narrative doesn't have to be serious, but the look should be. I have recently been dreaming of a Django Unchained style video with horses and gunfights. I would love to portray a new character in each of my videos from different types of universes - wild west, lord of the rings style, harry potter, etc.

Who is on your playlist right now? Any new favorite artists that are inspiring to you at the moment?

Right now I have been jamming to Simon and Garfunkel, Adam Melchor, The paper kites, and Joe Pug. I would definitely say out of those that Adam Melchor and Joe Pug have been inspiring me most recently.


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