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Article & Photos: Hideaway

Photos by Jamary Bobe

If you are looking for a new song to play on repeat for the next year, look no further than Hideaway’s "Nothin’ On Me!" - This up and coming band is the indie pop rock sensation you’ve been craving. Their single draws you in, as it is super catchy and energetic, you'll want to listen to it non-stop - which I am currently doing. Hideaway is a band originating from New Jersey. They consist of bassist Eric Drylewicz, drummer Mike Moraes, vocalist Bree Rose Lafelice and her twin brother/guitarist Nicholas Lafelice.

Their debut single, "Nothin’ On Me" was released on April of 2017. Musical talent clearly runs in the Lafelice family as both twins, Bree and Nicholas, are members of the band. They met Eric back in 2013 but were not complete until 2017 when they met Michael. Hideaway was born and they are now a close knit group. Truly amazing indie pop rock music is something hard to come by these days so we really discovered a treasure with Hideaway. You may have recognized these guys from performing on the same stage with some pretty popular bands like We the Kings, Big Time Rush or even Hot Chelle Rae! They have earned the achievement of hearing their song on a few radio stations, one of many dreams that most artists have. Their music video for the single "Nothin’ On Me" completely encompasses their vibe, which is fun and energetic. After watching and listening, I want nothing more than to go to their concert and rock out with them live! Highly suggest seeing them live if you ever get the chance, because Hideaway just moved straight to the top of my “Go To Concert Bucket List.”

Overall, I, personally, am so unbelievably excited for some new music from these guys and strongly suggest you give them a listen. Like right now! The world better watch out, because New Jersey is not nearly big enough for all the talent contained in these four people. Get ready, because Hideaway is going to take us all by storm.


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