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EP Review: VISTA "The Ruins"

Review by Jerbria Baker
Photo by Holly Turner

The alternative pop group VISTA is roaring and coming back better than ever. Hope Vista and Greg Almeida have made a robust and sharp comeback with their newly released album, "The Ruins." This album is accompanied by a jaw-dropping, melancholy, cover art that extends this amazingly drawn out conceptual piece.

The album and first track name, "The Ruins," introduces an echoed, electric instrumental that is both unforgettable and intriguing. Bringing out the meaning of the album itself. The second track, "After Death," starts off with stressed vocals into immersive guitar and drum melodies. The ideologies of bringing what someone may have had left of their life as baggage to the other side. When it is carried with them, this may cause the inevitable vulnerability of a soul in which causes distance and feelings of loss.

The third track on the album, "Sin City," represents getaway and sanctuary. It is addictive as though it stops one from being engulfed in their own "ghosts." A sense of self-control begins to be non-existent. The fourth track, "I Don't Need Help" featuring artist, Okan Kazdal, conveys a more grounded attitude. The rhythm and electronic-based beats provide vibes of being more wild and demanding. Using one's past as a reason to pursue certain emotional outlets can end in delusion. Yet, the one that is suffering won't feel much of it anymore; instead, they would block it out and resort to a rebellious side of themselves.

The final track, "Novocaine," brings up the concept of well-being. The song has a slow, bass melody that is both soft and rash. Ideas about feelings of numbness being glorified are brought into perspective. Sometimes the pain is too suffocating and dreadful. Faith can be lost among a person and their purpose with themselves and others. It all can be embarrassing, but if Novocaine was a way to block every harmful thing out, then it looks good enough.

The emotional investment into this album surely radiates its real value from VISTA to their listeners. "The Ruins" is one to seep into your mind. It is a piece that connects a deeper meaning of life before and after death. This group shows the purpose of creating music and making sure that there is a reason to listen. Hurry on, turn up your best device and stream their newly released album, "The Ruins"! You won't regret it!

Artwork by Holly Turner


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