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EP Review: Nathan Day "We come in Pieces"

Review by Jerbria Baker

An out-of-this-world EP that will bring every galaxy together in the name of alternative rock has made its way to many fans alike. From the artist himself, Nathan Day comes with his new set of tracks on the new EP "We come in Pieces" by expressing his mental health journey through his eyes and characters that he has made to depict each track based on that point in his life. So lets take a look into music, ready to be played by the world!

A smooth melody filled with soft electric guitar strums and drum beats comes to the first track, "She Came Down From The Stars." This song is wrapped with lyrics that make listeners feel like they have fallen into a deep daydream. From Day's perspective, this song represents the character of an "Alien" With lyrics like, "I don't suppose you know where we are," this song can correlate to seeing how one can feel distant from reality. The will to go and follow wherever your mind drifts can be complex. Wanting to live freely and embrace spontaneous adventure without getting lost can be hard to come by.

Following the first track comes the second one named "Fade Like You." Its sound is light and euphoric, fitting perfectly with its name. Accompanied with an almost 80's-like keyboard role comes Day's next imaginary friend, "The Skeleton." The meaning behind this song represents how overwhelming experiences in life, like the angsty concept of death, can be on one's mind—knowing that it is inevitable and that living your life the way you want to may feel just like a distant dream.

The third song on this EP, "Friends," introduces a more edgy, energetic sound with raging electric guitar and drums than the past two tracks. The imaginary friend connected to this song is "The Rabbit," which undoubtedly brings a closer outlook towards Nathan's perspective of bipolar disorder. "When I'm with you, my whole world disappears. Better promise me we'll always be imaginary..." brings attention to feeling more like yourself when around people who accept that part of you, almost wishing that it lasts forever like in one's imagination.

The fourth song on this EP truly shines the light on an even important character brought into perspective, "Himself." This track, "809," gives a complete look at Nathan Day's vision upon self-reflection and action towards understanding himself fully. This song is more of the stronger focus within this new EP, and not only brings a more raspy, emotional tone of vocals but a video to check out once released! The fifth track, "Run on Empty, " provides a more slow, melancholy sense of style. Connecting to "Fade Like You." Also representing "The Skeleton," it brings attention to the feeling of numbness as if you are a feather existing trying to grasp your reality from desolation. The last song on the track list is full of realization and concern for a stronghold of confidence within who Day strives to be. This song "Ghost Town" brings the imaginary friend of "The Ghost" to attention. With softer, phantom-like whispered vocals, partnered with lyrics like "sing with shadows in the dark," bringing a new perspective of seeking comfort in one's surroundings even if it's something far-fetched.

Nathan Day has come a long way through his journey of opening up to his fans and new listeners about mental health in a unique way. Day is a prime example of art that can be expressed in many forms. This EP, "We Come in Pieces," is one of those successful milestones that are up for admiration by so many others worldwide. So sit back, relax, and take a ride up to the stars; you never know what awaits.


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