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EP Review: Janet Devlin- "It's Not That Deep"

Review by Jerbria Baker

Photo by Emma Jane Lewis

A harmonious joy to listen to and an artist soaring her way through the pop and folk music genres. Who is this? She is Janet Devlin! From her new EP, “It’s Not That Deep,” there are both original tracks and covers of classics. Devlin can express who she is and open doors to her world of fulfillment and challenge of journey, love, and growth through this album. Moving into the opening track on the new EP, “Place Called Home.” It provides the listener with adventurous and melancholy lyrics like “Feels like I’m lost wherever I roam.” and “I’ve always kept my distance…Emotionally resistant…” But there is also a balance between the lyrics and the more sweet, youthful, heartfelt sound. It makes you feel immersed in Janet Devlin’s shoes, taking more and more steps towards finding her way.

The second track presented is an anticipated, memorable throwback towards Janet’s debut days. She made her appearance on the popular singing competition show, ``The X-Factor” and sang Elton John’s classic “Your Song.” Giving those goosebumps to her audience, Devlin was able to reinvent and rehash that moment in her life by re-working the track for this new EP! So new and old fans alike can experience such a prominent moment in her life all over again.

The third song on the album is another original by Devlin. Its excitable title, “Otherside,” brings a more uplifted and optimistic point of view. With its gentle melody of soft guitar strums and drum beats. It is sure to put you in a state of inspiration. With lyrics like “And everything tastes better…And the world seems brighter…On the other side….” Giving the listener a piece of mind and hope to keep going and never forget where they came from. Because everything can get better, you just have to seek the other side of it all.

The fourth track on the EP named “Bad Habits” is a song by the talented Ed Sheeran and is a cover version on her album by Devlin herself. Janet Devlin initiated a version that presents a more interpersonal and sensual appeal, including a robust and complementary piano presence. Her rich, soft tone of voice enriches this cover to new heights. It became a unique opposite compared to the original track. The fifth song includes another cover by Prince and The Revolution. The song’s name is “Kiss,” bringing out Devlin’s more vocal-focused and slower melodic approach. Her voice was perfect for this song as her tone is an appealing combination of the song’s meaning and how it flows. Then lastly, the final song on the album is the alternate country version of the first track, “Place Called Home.” This addition of a genre switch gives the song a more “down-to-earth” homebound mood!

There is plenty to enjoy in this new EP by Janet Devlin! Her voice is one to admire and remember as you are engulfed in an awe-inspiring collaboration between the ideas of reinvention and originality. With its charming and personable impression, this album is one to close your eyes, relax and listen deeply to! Now this feels like home.


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