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CHRISTIAN KURIA: New Single “Enemy” Is Out Now

Meet Kenyan-American producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christian Kuria Mesnard.  He is thrilled to release his new R&B/soulful single “Enemy” that is out now!

Christian says, "My process is usually pretty meticulous. It often takes me several days or even weeks to complete a song, but it’s really exciting when a tune comes together without a struggle. “Enemy” was one of those songs; I wrote and produced it in a day. Everything just worked, and I wasn’t afraid to try a new approach stylistically." 

Christian initially gained notoriety via his 'neo-soul' guitar videos on YouTube, as well as covers of contemporary popular music, such as Khalid’s “Young, Dumb, and Broke”. In early 2019, he started to release his own original music under the moniker, Christian Kuria. Later that year, Christian was invited to join Cautious Clay on his fully sold out tour of North America. Following the tour, Kuria released his debut EP ‘Borderline’, which led to a 600% increase in his listenership and garnered substantial editorial playlist support. For the rest of 2020, Christian plans to release 2 more tracks and will continue to create more incredible music.


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