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Article & Photos: Twin XL

Article by Jerbria Baker
Photos by Matthew Flood

A band with duality. The addition of pulsating, brisk sounds among the alternative and Indie pop genre. Arising from the big, diverse city of Los Angeles California, the band Twin XL proceeded to turn it all upside down. Accompanying the flexibility of creating songs that someone can let loose and jam out to as a group, they were able to develop a more profound concept to each of their tracks. Cameron Walker-Wright, and his brothers Stephen Gomez and John Gomez continue to take the industry on with their unique, liberating vibes lyrically and vocally. Now they have created something new for their listeners.

Twin XL has brought various conceptual ideas to the table. These include ones about social acceptance, the value of confidence, and which have all been taken to another level by the group. The uses of expressive, soft yet raspy clear vocals, lingering electric guitar and synth techniques, powerfully brings these pieces to life.  Presented in their recently released album, "How To Talk To Strangers," Twin XL has successfully adapted to this context. Starting with the first track as the hit new single "Sunglasses," it begins right away with an energizing, electric sound that is immersing. The track emphasizes the urge to protect yourself from being hurt or affected by the world around you. Hiding from the world is what some people feel is comforting yet not necessarily positive for a person as no one can hide who they are or what they are going through forever. The second song on the track called "Friends," connects to the single by exemplifying ideas of being social and how daunting it can be to make the decision even to go outside — deciding whether to connect with strangers that have similar endeavors to have a good time. You don't have to know a person to have the best time of your life. 

The following songs on the album, "Neon Summer," "Good," and "Thrill," all coincide on the emotion of yearning for living life. Whether it is through the, crave of intimacy from another or setting a vibe among places that help one create memories and carefree ambitions. The many listeners of these tracks will embed in relatability and connection with themselves, others around them, and the desire to not have a care in the world. The rhythm and beats presented will take the role of great dancing and party music. The final two songs on the album are, "Everybody's Talkin" and "Don't Wake Me, I'm Still dreaming." These tracks are to conclude the record in an exhilarating end. In the end, everyone has the hope of having the time of their lives, and sometimes, someone’s reality is not enough. One can imagine what it would be like for them to live life on the edge, without the struggles of keeping up a specific image of themselves. As a whole, this band and their new album will fulfill your dreams of living life on the wild side. Providing fresh, futuristic beats and chill vocals, Twin XL is a group that is worth the chance. The chance to embrace catchy, cool vibes while you stay tuned to listen to their new album "How To Talk To Strangers." So let loose and prepare to be thrilled.


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