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Article & Photos: Them Fangs

Article by Jerbria Baker
Photos by Jamary Bobe

Be captivated back in a time of fresh, groovy tunes. Their name stands out on its own. The gravitating energetic, loose vibes of what the band, Them Fangs, will bring, will surely engulf you. Having been founded in New York, group members, Garrett Cillo, Andrea Belfiore, and Artur Novoselsky will bring along their unique sounds and techniques for many ears to listen. Each of the members brought into light various visions and personalities from where they came from and who they had become. The reach to grow their own perceptions of rock and roll was put into place for them all, and the journey was to continue. Getting themselves out there to be apart of this versatile, amazing genre was the one and true goal.

At the start of the year came "Life Do Change," a song that brings forth a conceptual piece to the mind, of finding a place in an ever-evolving world. Now, Them Fangs, have recently released their new single, "Do your Own Damn Thing." This song has bounced back a whole new perspective on taking back control of one's own life and concepts. Their sounds add to the motivations of feeling free, acceptance, and keeping the listener on their toes. Get ready, and join Them Fangs on their journey to rocking stardom.


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