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Article & Photos: The Vaughns

Article by Karina Gaytan

Hey! Are you looking for a new band to obsess over?  Well, meet The Vaughns! The Vaughns are a four-piece indie rock band out of Springfield, New Jersey. When first introduced by mutual friends in 2014, David Cacciatore, Anna Lies, Ryan Kenter, and Tom Losito embarked on a fantastic journey that what would become a friendship, a family, and The Vaughns. Each member's contribution to the band’s sound is heavenly; the melodies are dynamic and fun. Once you hear the songs, you won’t remember a time in your life when you didn’t know about The Vaughns.

On May 17th, 2019, The Vaughns released their debut album “F.O.M.O.” which was written to demonstrate the transition period between exiting college and entering adulthood. Their new collection includes many of their hit singles such as “Santa Cruz” and “Coffee Sundae.” “Santa Cruz” is a song inspired by the contradictions between love as we see it in real life; It's known for being moderately sunny all year long, which is what inspired the thought that maybe what we strive for in love should be more like that: consistent and warm. While “Coffee Sundae” can be interpreted as an emotional disclosure of all the insecurities or secrets we wish we could tell our significant others. This single demonstrates how, at times, people dive headfirst into their jealousy, and at times, they try to control them. “Coffee Sundae” is the perfect mixture of raw emotions and will surely become your favorite song the minute you listen to it.

Want to check out their set for yourself? Well, you’re in luck! The band recently announced a summer tour which will kick off July 1st in Long Branch, NJ and will come to an end July 27th in Philadelphia! Go ahead and purchase some tickets for yourself and friends if you want to experience the absolute perfect summer while rocking out to The Vaughns! Don’t forget to stream, download, or purchase “F.O.M.O.”! Also, go ahead and hit the follow button on The Vaughns’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be kept in the loop!


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