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Article & Photos: The Everafter

Article by Hannah Ziccardi
Photos by Matthew Flood

The Everafter, a pop-punk group from Yonkers, is quickly bursting into the music scene. The band consists of Cora Small (vocals), Ryan Lare (lead guitar), Rich Rivera (rhythm guitar), and Danny Nugent (drums). After meeting in college, the four-piece had an immediate connection which led them to starting a band. Over the past couple years, The Everafter has made a name for themselves and pushed their way into the pop punk scene by touring in many different states alongside several local bands and even supported Patent Pending in Amityville, NY.

The group spent months in the studio writing and recording music leading to their debut single ‘Call It a Night’ in 2017. This song features strong guitar riffs and powerful vocals which is a great intro to their music style. Following their single, The Everafter released their first EP in February, 2018.

After the release of their EP in 2018, The Everafter headed out on the road performing in several states within their first year of forming. The band thrives in a live atmosphere and are constantly on tour or playing live shows. Their newest EP was released in May, 2019 and features the song ‘As We Were’ which incorporates your classic pop punk vibes. It’s impossible not to jam to this song.

Follow The Everafter on Instagram (@theeverafterny) for updates on shows and new releases!


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