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Article & Photos: Stereo Jane

Photos by Gaby Deimeke

Twin sister duo Stereo Jane is taking over the East Coast! Sydney (vocals) and Mia Schmier (drums) are reinventing Detroit-style music right from Los Angeles. It’s not easy to define the sound of Stereo Jane. The sisters use their life-long synergy to create a musical blend perfectly crafted in their expressive, high-energy compositions. Listeners are left intrigued but ready to get up and dance along. That’s possibly the duo’s greatest advantage as twin sisters, a bond very few can recreate as collaborating artists, that is beautifully translated sonically and on stage. Sydney and Mia also take the hometown advantage, growing up in the iconically musical metropolis that is Detroit, now having newfound freedom in sunny California.

It's easy to get quickly hooked with such catchy and energetic vocals that are masterfully accompanied by magnetic drumlines. They’re no strangers to the internet. Like many of the world’s currently most popular artists, Sydney found and early internet stardom in her career through Vine. Stereo Jane, however, precedes internet fame, being formed while the twins were still in high school in Michigan. The duo was also recently part of the official soundtrack for the 2019 dark comedy Ready Or Not, starring Samara Weaving and Adam Brody, with "Love Me Tender." If you’re looking to enjoy some new discoveries and high-energy sounds during this quarantine, Stereo Jane should be under your radar.


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