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Article & Photos: Shiragirl

Article by Amanda Flynn
Photos by Jamary Bobe

Expressive performer, Shiragirl, is shaking up the pop-rock scene by breaking boundaries and inspiring women through her powerful voice and platform. Shiragirl, also known as Shira Yevin, got her start through the well known Vans Warped Tour. Shira showed up to the tour with her pink RV and rocked the crowd in a way like no other. Shira brought a refreshing presence of female love and empowerment to her sets. She got such a great response from the crowd which led her to founding the Shiragirl Stage to feature women artists at the Warped Tour. She celebrated the 25th year of the tour this year by performing alongside many inspiring female performers at various shows throughout the country. Shira has helped kickstart loved artists today such as Paramore and Joan Jett from her involvement with the Warped Tour. On top of her success with touring, Shira has won an MTV Warpie Award and has been awarded a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Forever Warped exhibit.

Shiragirl is truly a figure for women empowerment and she makes it known. She calls herself a performer and a girl boss, both of which she embodies in her own unique way. In 2017 Shira had the opportunity to shoot her "RESIST" music video at the Women's March. She was then invited back for the 2018 Women's March to perform. Shira's platform is geared towards women’s freedom of expression, and that is something our world needs more of right now. Recently Shiragirl has been promoting and performing her new single "Nothin to Lose" after the success of her 2018 EP, "Brooklyn Goes Hollywood". It is an upbeat and catchy track all about living life to its fullest. This song is preview to Shiragirl's next EP, "Andi Underground", a concept record surrounding the story of Alice in Wonderland. Shira Yevin deserves recognition for her constant involvement in women's rights and be seen as an uplifting activist who strives for female empowerment through her music. If you want an inspiring women to look up to, Shiragirl is it! 


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