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Article & Photos: Razor Braids

Article by Hannah Ziccardi
Photos by Jamary Bobe

With the music scene beginning to delve back into rock and roll influences, the industry has been somewhat deprived of powerful female-led bands. Razor Braids is here to change that. This all female band consists of Hollye Bynum (lead vocals and bass), Janie Peacock (lead guitar), Jillian Karande (backing vocals and rhythm guitar), and Hannah Nichols (drums).

Razor Braids was formed back in 2017 by originating members Hollye Bynum and Kathryn Turney (former drummer). Since then, they have switched up their game a bit. Janie and Jilly joined the band in March 2019, followed by Hannah in October 2019. Being such a fresh, new group, they’re already making a name for themselves and it’s clearly heard in their music.

Although their music is not available to the public yet, YouTube has that covered for you.

While gathering inspiration from classic rock and roll icons, having an eclectic sound is Razor Braids specialty. “We are an eclectic group that takes inspiration from a lot of different places. To name a few...Blondie, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Phoebe Bridgers, Rilo Kiley, Sharon Van Etten, Sleater Kinney, Jack White, Goat Girl, The Clash, Mitski, and The Stokes.” Out of that long list it is clear the influence that female musicians and rock bands both have on their entire process. Razor Braids has two singles that will be released this winter, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can follow the girls on Instagram (@razorbraids) for updates on releases and upcoming shows.


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