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Article & Photos: Never Loved

Photos by Jamary Bobe

Never Loved is the Alternative Rock band you have been searching for, and I am here to tell you why! On March 18th of 2019, the band released their debut EP, "Never Loved" consisting of their two previous singles, "Dead Inside" and "Goddamn", plus an additional two songs. These four songs are filled with energy, passion, and power. "Goddamn" is the most popular song off the EP and for good reason. This song has a brilliant mix of soft and hard rock, it definitely comes through as my favorite as well. The beats and lyrics on this EP are phenomenal and the potential that this band proves to have is very promising. I personally cannot wait for more new music by these guys.

Within the band, there are three members behind this fantastic music. Camm Knopp (Lead Singer), Jay Gayoso (Bassist) and Kevin Blackburn (Drummer). Frontman Knopp formed this band after just wanting to be able to make music. He joined with his friend Gayoso and local drummer Blackburn to ultimately create this powerful trio. Knopp, who writes the music as well, proves his lyrical genius with the four songs on the EP. This band has so much in store for them in the future and this is just the beginning.

Never Loved is a band that is easy to fall in love with despite their name. Their music is easy to get lost in and is overall just fantastic. They are currently on tour, so if you can go catch a show, I highly recommend it! Overall, if you have a chance, go stream Never Loved and fall in love with this band, just like I did!


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