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Article & Photos: Mike Mains & The Branches

Article by Amanda Flynn
Photos by Jamary Bobe

American indie rock band, Mike Mains and the Branches, just released a brand new album for you to enjoy. Known for their catchy pop-rock melodies and fun rhythms, Mike Mains and the Branches create the type of music that gets stuck in your head. Originally based in Michigan, the band first entered the music scene with the release of "Home" in 2012.  Since then, they have came out with an EP, some singles, and two albums. The band also has their fair share of performing live, as they have been touring during the months of March and April this year.

"When We Were in Love" is a record full of songs that make you want to dance, but at the same time pull at your heartstrings. After a few listens, I was able to dive into the raw and heartbreaking concepts that surround this album. You will listen to one song for the first time and love the fun sound, but once you listen to it a second time, the meaningful lyrics will unfold and the emotions will take over. Mike Mains and the Branches deserve a lot of recognition for this, as it allows for a fresh and interesting experience with each listen. Some tracks that are worth mentioning are the back to back “Around the Corner” and “Breathing Underwater”. I particularly love these two because of their infectious beats and catchy choruses, while having a great story woven into them. The closing song titled, “Swamp” deserves a shining moment as well. In this song, the feeling of looking back on past love is beautifully sewn together by the powerful metaphors and the infectious melody. I can go on and on about every song off the album, but I will just let you all know that every track has a feel-good vibe with a deep meaning behind it.  After listening to "When We Were in Love" from top to bottom, you will recognize that Mike Mains and the Branches' music tells stories that incorporate love, laughter, and heartbreak.


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