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Article & Photos: Heavenly Faded

Photos by Jamary Bobe
Article by Elizabeth Cyr

New York City’s own Heavenly Faded is poised to take over. Composed of Danny Morrison (vocals, guitar), Luis Payero (vocals, guitar), Stanley Augonis (drums), and Rijk van Zanten (bass), the quartet draws inspiration from classic and modern rock influences, like The Cure and Radiohead. Their sound is derived from vibrant harmonies, captivating guitars, and a world class rhythm section.

The group stablished themselves in early 2018, and since have kept fans happy by putting out several singles in addition to their Set Your Sights EP, which was their first release. Heavenly Faded have been making a name for themselves over the past year in New York City’s music scene. The foursome consistently plays shows, with set lists including both covers and creations of their own.

Among their most popular songs are the 2018 releases Cartoon Eyes, and Fools Out of Focus. The songs’ sounds pull from their alt and classic rock influences. They express feelings of love and self-identity, and showcase their talents as musicians. The catchy beat and soulful lyrics are combined perfectly for an ambient alt- rock hit.

The group’s most recent release, One Thing, is an upbeat and catchy story about yearning for a past love, backed with mesmerizing guitar and drums. They recently played a packed show in New York City’s Brooklyn Bowl, and have teased fans with the news of upcoming show dates in the new year. Heavenly Faded’s next release, a single called “Constellations,” is set to be released on November 22.


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