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Article & Photos: Colatura

Article by Jerbria Baker
Photos by Jamary Bobe

On the search for some garage pop? The band Colatura has just the right tunes for you! This New York based band consists of musical artists Jennica Best, Digo Degorio, Meredith Lampe, and Victor Donahue. Collectively as a band, they have covered the many bases of rock like the guitar, drums and expressive vocals that come together and create a new feel between their versatile tracks. Colatura gives the genre of garage pop the gift of a whole distinct sound and goal. Their single "Machine" from a couple of months ago, feeds an abundance of sounds right away, electric guitar and fast-paced drums ignite like a dance floor.

Their new music video presenting this song exemplifies concepts of unique visuals. The video develops an array of an illusion and the showcasing of rapid scenes that relate to everyday life and how one may see other people in their eyes. "Machine" is both raw and brutal and does not have a subtle message attached. On to their newly released track, if you are looking for some soft energetic tunes, Colatura has recently introduced "Sweet Misery." This song consists of a smooth start of guitar and drums. It gradually builds up to an upbeat rhythm that rolls effortlessly into their harmonizing vocals. The message is also clearly presented in the lyrics. How one may suffer from the loop of carrying burdens and hostility on their shoulders. They would be so accustomed to it, that it almost welcomes with open arms. Colatura has brought their spin of garage pop to the table and proceeds to shine. So gather around, get ready to jam out and enjoy, you won't be disappointed. 


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