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Article & Photos: Caverns

- Article by Amanda Flynn
- Photos by Jamary Bobe

Want to obsess over a new rock band? I have some good news for you Caverns! They are a fresh and fun group that puts a unique spin on rock music. Caverns describe themselves as “A modern rock band from the heart of New York City”. This year the band has been playing at various shows and have been building a well deserved name for themselves. Caverns put on a great show for their audiences each night, along with carrying great energy throughout their sets. This is a band that wholeheartedly deserves more recognition!

The band first released two singles back in 2015: “Ghost” and “Count to Five”. I personally really like these two; Both of them are great songs to chill and vibe along with. They have that infectious rock feeling to them, but with a hint of pop and alternative. Following the success of their first two singles, Caverns put out an EP titled “Tonche” the same year. This EP is comprised of five songs, two of them being the singles"Ghost" and "Count to Five". It is a cohesive piece of work, as all of the songs flow nicely and follow each other well. The second track,“Ten Feet Tall” has a noteworthy instrumental break that makes you feel a certain way. It is a track where you will find yourself swaying and moving your head to the beat. The final two songs, “Phantom” and “Aurora”, are also phenomenal works of art. On the more alternative side, “Phantom” has enticing instrumentals and lyrics. The closing track, “Aurora”, caps off the EP in a perfect way. This song seems the most genuine, and it is a great representation of Caverns’ sound and overall vibe. From layered vocals to the intricate production, this song has it.

Most recently, the band dropped a single in 2017 called “Times is Hard”. Right as you hit play, this song starts off strong. With a nod to the 80's in the beginning, Caverns truly experimented with their sound in this song. It just goes to show off the band’s versatility and it is well worth a listen. As a whole, Caverns’ discography is impressive from start to finish. With that being said, I strongly suggest checking out Caverns!


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