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Article & Photos: Boys of Fall

Article by Karina Gaytan
Photos by Matthew Flood

Detroit pop-punk band Boys Of Fall, consisting of Michael Martenson (vocals), Jake Cemer (vocals/guitar), Dan Quigley (guitar), Eli Sleeker (Bass) and Scott Solomon (Drums), is back and more determined than ever with the release of their latest album Better Moments (Gold Edition) on September 13th. Michael Martenson formed boys of Fall in 2011. The band amicably broke up after the release of their album, “Thank You & Goodbye” and performed what they expected to be their last show in June of 2016. After their break-up, the band’s music quickly began accumulating a following on social media and that, along with their passion for live music, brought them back. In October of 2017, Boys of Fall signed with In Vogue Records and recorded their new album with producer Andrew Wade who has worked with bands such as, A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, and Wage War. 

Having gone through a lot as a band over the past couple of years, the album reflects their emotions and experiences during that time.  The inspiration behind, “Heartbreaker,” a song from their album “Better Moments,” was a call out to the people who always wanted them to be whatever they expected of them and not who they truly were. Boys of Fall are a group of musicians who love to push any boundary they can because it’s exciting and makes this fun, and the lyrics represented how the song felt to them. It was primarily a fuck you to people’s expectations. It fit how people felt about their music, described people in our personal lives, etc. In 2018 Boys of Fall released, “Finding Home,” a song that is dedicated directly to the loved ones in the band’s life. Tour is fun, astonishing, hard work, and it can also be extremely challenging to be apart from someone you cherish for months at a time. They can text and FaceTime but distinctive time zones and agendas can add up, and it can be tough. The boys have so much appreciation towards their loved ones, for continuing to be supportive while they go off and pursue their crazy dream, but they constantly have to work at it daily, and it never gets more lenient. 

Boys of Fall have a very bright future ahead of them and they are quickly taking the scene by storm, so make sure to give them a listen you will not regret it. Stay up to date with the band, all upcoming tour dates, and their music!


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