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Album Review: Wallows- "Nothing Happens"

Music is a crucial part of life. No matter the genre, album, or song, everyone has their favorite. For me, it has to be Alternative album "Nothing Happens" by Wallows. It was released early this year, March 22nd, 2019. Wallows, composed by members Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston, beautifully illustrate what it feels like to be a teenager growing up in this time period. Right now, as I am about to graduate High School and move on to the next step in my life, I found my experiences being recorded in this album. The first time I listened to it, I immediately knew it was going to be one of my favorite albums of all time. Each track has its own special meaning, and it's very hard to have a favorite or a least favorite.

The album begins with "Only Friend"- a tribute to the people you have grown up with. The very end of "Only Friend" gives us a teaser of the last song on the album. "Do Not Wait", Wallows pulls this together super well and starts off the album with a bang. The following track is "Treacherous Doctor"- The lyrics of this song focus on the insecurities that teens go through growing up. The energetic feel of this song contrasts with the lyrics, as they talk about everything that is wrong about being a young adult. Track three brings us to "Sidelines"- It was released as the second single before the whole album debuted. I feel like this one is the epitome of teen love. It's all about the ups and downs of teen relationships and how fast they change. Wallows brilliantly puts it into a song, explaining how one hasn't moved on yet while the other has.

Are You Bored Yet? Feat. Clairo is track four and was released as a single before the release of the album. It's all about the fear of being in a one-sided relationship but also not ready to move on. The slow tune in this song is a perfect break between many upbeat, energetic ones. It fits right in with the theme of teen angst. I loved this song as a single and it made me super excited for the album, and trust me, I was not let down. Next we have "Scrawny"- this is the last single that was featured on the album. It is one of the more upbeat songs on the album. This song is definitely more lighthearted than the others and puts a smile on my face when I hear it. It is a great song and up a little higher on my all time favorites list.

Next, we come to track number six, "Ice Cold Pool" - This one actually features some of the same lyrics of an earlier single by Wallows, "Under the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House". The band explained that this song pulls together a lot of ideas about growing up and entering adulthood. Being unaware of the future and leaving your youth behind. This song proves Wallows to be official lyrical geniuses. The following song is "Worlds Apart" - another slow song. It is one of the more emotional ones; it emphasizes people growing apart and leaving, such as going separate ways for college. Again reiterating the theme of growing up and leaving behind your past, this song demonstrates that thoroughly. Track 8 is "What You Like" - This song is pretty deep, again proving the lyrical capabilities of the band. Throughout the song, someone is asking their partner to tell them what they like. They say that this time they will listen, making us believe that they never had a serious relationship. They never bothered to get to know each other. Towards the end, the lyric, “I just need an answer, what did you say” shows that again, they won't listen. This song has one of my favorite tunes and is easily one of my top 3.

"Remember When" is not only my favorite song on the album, but one of my favorite songs ever. This song has it all, its super cheery but also very touching. Second to last is track ten, "I’m Full" - This song is almost like the beginning of adulthood. This song is a representation of letting go of one's youth.

Lastly, Wallows officially took the spot for best album in my heart with the seamless transition from "I'm Full" into "Do Not Wait", the final song on the album. This song is something that I cannot even describe. It is absolute genius. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I am in a whole other world. It perfectly summarizes the feelings and experiences that us as teens are going through. Feeling like as everything is happening around us, nothing really happens. Everything is still ahead of you, and everything will be okay. About halfway through the song, when it transitions into the guitar solo, my heart races. Overall, this track is a masterpiece and if it doesn't get you hooked to Wallows, I don't know what will. This album holds a special place in my heart. It came out at the perfect time and I won't ever forget the hours I have and will spend listening to these songs. The emotional effect that it has on me is incredible and every single song is amazing. Music this good is a blessing, and I will never stop appreciating this album. Please go give it a listen!


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