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Album Review: LEVELS - "LEVELS"

Review by Rebecca Mae

LEVELS’ self-titled album will always put you in a good mood – here’s why

LEVELS have released an incredible album, perfect for summer and general good vibes. They released their debut self-titled album in 2019, but it still rocks. LEVELS is a grouping of genius musicians, hailing from all around the world with impressive musical and performance backgrounds. What resulted is an eclectic mix of genres, sounds, influences and styles that defines LEVELS.

The debut album features 16 tracks, each with a unique vibe and a fresh sound. LEVELS combines several genres to bring you a spine-tingling mix of tracks that truly makes it a feel-good album. The album is a search to uncover the multiple complex layers to love, and how it affects each one of us. One of my favorite songs from the entire album is She’s So, and its featured chorus harmonies and laid-back rhythm. Some of the tracks act as intermissions, with people speaking that almost make it meditative. I have never experienced that before in an album, but it certainly adds to the overall positivity of the collection. The background and talent of each musician adds to the overall richness of this album; it wouldn’t be the same if even one of these musicians were missing. In addition, the lyricism is UNMATCHED. The lyrics throughout the entire album is pure poetry and matches the instrumentation so well.

This album emanates such a good vibe and message, which makes it the perfect summer album. The musicianship displayed here proves that music is art and opens even more possibilities for what music can do. There is something here for everyone. LEVELS is up to something amazing, and I HIGHLY encourage you to check out this album!


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