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Album Review: ESS SEE- "Waiting For The Sky To Fall"

Review by Harlen Cruz
Album Cover by Jonathan Frey

ESS SEE’s second album “Waiting For The Sky To Fall” released today, this new album is the follow up to ESS SEE’s debut EP, “Ordinary Woman.” “Waiting For The Sky To Fall” takes listeners on both an instrumental and lyrical adventure through soothing electro-pop sounds and empowering messages about femininity.“On My Wave” starts the album on gentle electro-pop instrumentals that showcase ESS SEE’s unique and creative approach to sound as well as intimate lyrics that make it clear that ESS SEE is not holding back in expressing her thoughts and feelings when it comes to the themes of identity, intimacy, and femininity. “Power of a Woman,” the fourth track on the new album was released earlier in July as a single. In “Power of a Woman,” ESS SEE finds that there is power behind women embracing their sexuality but also encourages women to challenge the ideas set by men who are uncomfortable with empowered women.The fifth track “No. 1” was also released as a single prior the album release. In “No. 1,” ESS SEE shares her experience having been in a toxic relationship, refusing to accept less than what she deserves with lyrics such as “I demand a guarantee” and “Baby can you do a little something, make it easier for me.” In “What Happened to You,” ESS SEE shares the importance of communication in a relationship, and that a lack of it will negatively impact any relationship. Throughout the whole album, ESS SEE shares her thoughts and feelings about issues that are not discussed and thought of as often as others, “Survival” goes even deeper into asking herself what it takes to be happy.ESS SEE’s music embraces lyrical influences St. Vincent, Emily Haines, Cole King, and Garbage. “Waiting For The Sky To Fall” delivers empowering messages about femininity, feeling the need to express themselves and challenge issues instead of being silent, building more self-confidence, and being more aware than ever of the toxicity around them.

Listen to: “Waiting For The Sky To Fall” on Apple Music & Spotify


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