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Album Review: Deletto "OldKID"

Review by Hannah Ziccardi

With the rise of electronic music, hearing an artist like Deletto is a breath of fresh air for us alt rock lovers. Chris D’Eletto aka Deletto, is an up and coming rock artist from New Jersey. Starting his career as a producer of hip-hop music and a touring guitarist for a local artist, Deletto accumulated experience and drive to create his own sound. His debut album OldKID is beyond impressive for an up and coming artist. OldKID was released January 24th, 2020. Throughout the album you can hear the inspiration taken from 90s grunge bands, but also film scores and thematic moments.

The first track titled Runaway, starts off with a simple piano beat that gradually evolves into this insane rock anthem. It hits so hard and is such a great way to start off a debut album. The lyrics are just as powerful as the music. With the repetitive lyric “Do you want to runaway” being repeated over and over, it sends a message of hope in a way. The second song Where the Wild Sleep has an cinematic feel to it. You can definitely catch the film score influences in this song.

The next track, Say Anything, was originally released as the first single from Deletto in 2018. The chorus of this song is extremely powerful and hits you right in the gut. Violence Defines Her, track six, is my personal favorite off the album. It starts off with some catchy riffs that will not fail to make jam out. It has a more upbeat tone compared to the rest of the album.

After the Dead is the seventh song on the album. It is a beautiful, yet eerie ballad. The melody is played with what almost sounds like a xylophone, mixed in with a violin or cello. This gives a darker feel to the song. With the song ending at just over a minute and a half, it still leaves a powerful mark on the album. There are very few lyrics which adds to the overall impact the song has.

OldKID is an incredibly produced album, especially for a debut. There are so many unique pieces throughout each song that make Deletto stand out as an artist. Take a few minutes out of your day discover a new artist and give this album a listen!


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