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Album Review: Chelsea Cutler - "How To Be Human"

Review by Jerbria Baker

Sentimental and angelic. From the well-known genre of pop, artist Chelsea Cutler has made a prideful comeback. With her freshly released album, "How To Be Human," she brings her gentle, passionate voice alongside a powerful combination of songs. Cutler's style and presentation of this work have shown dramatically.

The first track to set the tone of the album all on its own, "Sad Tonight," exemplifies a loose feeling, lyrically and rhythmically. With its sound, it resembles an anthem with the echoes of Cutler's voice. The song brings the idea of embracing heartbreak and going out of your way to do things you would never have done. In return, it is the release of toxic energy from what could have been a part of emotionally draining experiences. The second track is the song "Strangers Again," which introduces starting over and deciding between viewing someone as a person you will always remember or someone you never knew. It also has a roller-coaster of a melody. The third song, "What Would It Take,” takes a different route. It sounds optimistic and euphoric among light drum beats. Lyrically, it brings an idea that after everything one has gone through, a person could result in anything to bring that special someone back into their life.

The fourth song on the album is "I Was In Heaven." This track was a recent release as a single alongside its music video. This song helps release Cutler's soft vocals with a slow melody. In the music video, she is in a white room, which often relates to heaven. The lyrics are powerful as it brings an idea of how much pain can build up in a person after someone close to them leaves. Dreaming that they were still by your side is almost considered heavenly, as it would be the only time you could be with them again. The following track, "Are You Listening," has a hopeful sound. Through its bubbly rhythm, lyrically, it represents calling out the one you think about most. Seeing if they realize and are hearing how you almost can't live without them.

The sixth song, "nj," takes a different turn. It has a slow melody that compliments Cutler's voice. She vocalizes powerfully and full of emotion. This song is almost like a letter to whom the initials in the song's title are recognizing.

The seventh track, "Somebody Else Will Get Your Eyes," brings out more of an electronic beat aesthetic. The song gives a sense of acceptance with coming to terms that someone who once had eyes for you and only you, that they can move on, and someone else can have the benefit of feeling what you felt with them. The next song, "You Are Losing Me," is more of a dance vibe with the breaks of EDM it has. The track, "I Miss You," shows a new vulnerability. To draw into the meaning of not only thinking about someone that meant a lot to you but admitting you miss their presence in your life. The energetic drums and guitar make the song stand out more.

The next song, "The Human Condition," draws in a more philosophical approach. That its normal to be human, and that includes going through experiences that often change you. The track "Lucky" with artist Alexander 23, is smooth lyrically along with its delicate rhythm and acoustic sound. It helps show how lucky you can feel in a relationship. The track, "I Should Let You Go," is vocally intensified. There is the message that it is ok to be done entirely with a relationship you once had.

With the album's title name, the thirteenth track "How To Be Human" exemplifies the album's message. It is ok to make mistakes and not knowing what the right way to live is. Questioning how to be human can be a natural thing. The second to last track," New Recording 28- Lions," is both raw and acoustic. Helps go on to close out the album with the last song. The last song, closing the record, is "Crazier Things." It is one of the heavier tracks on the entire collection. It is not only relaxing to listen to but, in general, brings the vibes of conclusion.

This album is not only durable but authentic. It can represent the person who genuinely relates to these songs and place them even closer to their hearts. Bringing in a well-needed perspective and acknowledging those who have lost or craves real, human connections. Tune in for Chelsea Cutler's new album and tour. You won't want to miss out!


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