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Album Review: C Duncan- "Health"

I am always on a quest for new artists and music to jam out to. I stumbled across C. Duncan the other day. He is a Scottish musician whom recently released an album called “Health” earlier this year. Although this album gives off an indie-pop vibe, C Duncan goes deep into his emotions. C Duncan has a total of three full length albums. “Health” stands out the most to me as it really showcases his versatility. This album has it all lyrically, emotionally, and instrumentally.

The Indie-Rock album starts out with “Talk Talk Talk”. This song really makes an entrance and catches your attention as it is super upbeat and cheery. However, the lyrics tell a different story. As the narrator begs to their significant other that they need to talk things through and resolve their problems to fix their broken relationship. Switching quickly from the upbeat tune, track two, “Wrong Side of the Door” is a slow ballad. C Duncan dives deep into feelings of loneliness after a breakup. The lyrics are truly heartbreaking, but beautifully put together. Track number three "Impossible" is one of my favorite songs from this album. This song is catchy, dance able, and fun! I can just picture my friends and I driving with the windows down for hours while listening to this song!

Up next we have "He Came From the Sun". This song is another slower ballad. It tells a story about a man, broken and bruised. It's a haunting song but it is elegantly portrayed. Track Five is "Holiday Home". This song brings the mood back up. The lyrics are very calming and relaxing. The overall song is a perfect mix of happiness and tranquility, it fits perfectly in with the entirety of this album. Track Six shares its name with the title of the album, "Health". This song brings out the theme of insecurity pretty clearly. The narrator starts to doubt their abilities in the relationship and feels that their significant other is searching elsewhere. "Somebody Else’s Home" is track seven. Continuing with the theme of insecurity, the song embodies how it feels to be uneasy about a relationship. The lyrics show that they are unsure of where they stand in the relationship and just want to know where to go. They feel intrusive and not in the right place. This song is just one of the many times C Duncan proves that he is a lyrical genius.

Track Eight brings us to "Blasé". This song is on a much more positive note. C Duncan’s feelings of insecurity shift towards happiness. The lyrics show that he is so much more confident in himself and his feelings. This is definitely my favorite from the album. Following we have "Reverie", a song about feeling defeated. This tune gives you chills and takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Full props to C Duncan for being able to pull this off so beautifully. Then we have "Pulses and Rain", another upbeat tune whose lyrics are quite contradicting. This song showcases feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Second to last is "Stuck Here with You", with the album almost coming to a close, C Duncan tells a story about a rocky relationship where one feels stuck but isn't sure where to go without their significant other. Definitely another one of my favorites from the album! Lastly, track twelve brings us to "Care". C Duncan closes off the album with a song of empowerment and moving on. This song pulls the whole album together nicely. The lyrics, the harmonies, the themes, were all assembled masterfully and should be seen as such. Overall, C Duncan is a fantastic artist that has achieved great things with "Health". If you are looking for a new Indie musician to check out, here you go! (You can thank me later) This album deserves so much recognition and I am in awe of it.


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