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Album Review: All In Moment - "All In Moment"

Article by Victor Hernandez 
Photos by Cristine Trimarco 

All-In Moment’s self titled album is a must-listen-to. The album consists of 8 songs, each packed with a unique punch. There is no way you can possibly listen to it and not want to head-bang like you’re at a Metallica concert.

The band is composed of 4 members; Chris Scott, David Cohen, Luke Lewis , and Daniel Luczak. It was formed back in 2016, and it was not until 2019 that they released their debut self-titled album. They, in my personal opinion, are game changers who do not obey or follow the norms of mainstream Rock/Metal music. Each song feels personal and as you listen to the album you get a sense of how diverse it is, by capturing each member’s interest.

The album opens up with “Before the Bombs Drop” a headbanger track. Right from the start, it brings you to your feet and sets the mood for the entire album.

Up next is “Haunt Me,” a heavily vocal song. Although it is very lyrical, this song is not complete without strings. The background guitar goes perfectly with the vocals to a point that it matches the singer and takes the stage. The track in its uniquality is genius. It’s like a rollercoaster; it hypes you up and brings you right back down, throughout.

“Unstoppable” by far is one of the songs that defines this album. It is creative and well arranged. It honestly makes you feel unstoppable as it features robust screams and riffs accompanied by distinct drum sets. The song is catchy and if you are looking for a hype, this is it.

Right in the middle of the album, “From Chaos Comes Clarity” comes along. The song explores emotions that we can all relate to. It is genius and its lyrics prove the band's worth. If you are either new to the band or a long time fan, you should give this song a listen. It is truly artistic and brilliant as it explores emotional contrasts.

Down the list, the softest song of the album; “For You,” is simply magical. It is truly an amazing contrast to the entire album. It is clearly about a girl and it could come off as contemporary rock appealing to a broader crowd of music lovers. It is heart moving and full of passion. With “Refuse the Call,” All-In Moment brings you right back into the action. The song is high paced but holds a harmonically sense to it. I would say, this is the perfect transition for the headbanger, “Oblivion,” which comes right after. “Oblivion” is the longest song in the album. It gives that classic rock/metal vibe. It is chaotic but it truly captures the band.

The album concludes with “Not That Far Away,” All-In Moment’s debut single. The song itself has an amazing flow and its placement in the album is just right. It leaves the listener wanting more. I am definitely looking forward to a live show and their future works. It is definitely worth listening.

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