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Return of the 80’s

Article and photos by Lindsey Dadourian

Recently, so many trends have been coming back from past decades. especially the 80's. If you pull out photos of your parents in their young adult years, you will most likely find them in clothing and accessories that you might have in you closet right now. From scrunchies, to chokers, to mom jeans, to color block windbreakers; old trends have been modernized everywhere in today’s style. Scrunchies being one of the most popular; Now I'm not taking about small, solid color hair ties; I'm talking about big, fluffy, colorful scrunchies. If you go to school or the mall, you will probably find that many teenage girls are wearing scrunchies in their hair or around their wrist. They have always been an adorable alternative to hair ties, and bonus, they don't leave any creases in your hair. Scrunchies are definitely a trend that are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Another super popular trend from the 80’s that has made its return are fanny packs! Fanny packs are something that I have never personally been a huge fan of, at least until now! When going to a festival or concerts, they become a necessity. They are the perfect accessory to spice up an outfit without having to carry a huge bag with you. If you go on Instagram during Coachella weekend, good luck trying to find someone without a stylish or patterned fanny pack with them! Practical and cute? I think, yes!

Now can we take a second to talk about mom jeans!!! Please tell me why these haven’t just been a constant trend since the 80’s because, seriously, what's not to love! Absolutely adorable, super easy to style and completely comfortable. You could easily dress them down with a vintage band tee and some converse, or spice them up with a blouse or crop top and some cute heels! I have yet to see someone in a pair of mom jeans that hasn't looked great while maintaining an effortless vibe. Everyone can pull them off and they are so flattering! We should be forever grateful for the street style inspiration that mom jeans have given us.

Seriously though, these are just a few of the countless trends that have made their fashionable return from years past. Denim jackets, striped tees, bomber jackets, band tees, chunky white sneakers, Converse and so many more! The amount of cute outfits that you can put together are countless! These trends have came and went once but they are most definitely here to stay now!


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