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Yashua breaks all the rules with comeback single "Dancing in the Rain"

The indie singer-songwriter is back with a stunning music video! After taking a year-long break, singer-songwriter Yashua has returned today with his new single "Dancing in the Rain." The powerful music video marks a new authentic chapter in his career as an independent artist. Previously, Yashua made his mark in the R&B and Latin music industry with his debut album 777. Like most of the world during COVID-19 pandemic, the 22-year-old put a pause on his career in 2020 to refocus on his priorities. He's coming out of this experience as a new artist with "Dancing in the Rain," his English-language single that he wrote by himself. With influences of alternative pop and R&B, Yashua is most unapologetically himself here. He is letting his creativity flow freely, following his heart in his music. There's light and darkness in this dynamic single as Yashua explores the pain and hope of his past relationships. "God is in you and he has a purpose and plan for your life," Yashua says. "Your pain is a learning experience to become a greater version of yourself."

In the music video for "Dancing in the Rain," Yashua is still the well-rounded pop star who can sing and dance. This time he's channeling his talents in an artistic way as he brings his haunting words to life with incredible choreography. Yashua plays the piano, dances in the rain, and sings to the heavens. He braves the elements to deliver a moving performance in the middle of nature. Yashua is now working independently with singer-songwriter Maejor, who is his producer and co-manager. Maejor was previously nominated for Grammy Awards for his work on Trey Songz's Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Justin Bieber’s Purpose, and Monica’s New Life albums. Together during the COVID pandemic, they created a series of singles that Yashua will be releasing shortly. Yashua has been profiled in the past by global outlets like Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Tonight


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