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Interview & Photos: Marcaux

Interview & Photos by Keira Zhou

Marcaux is basically an R-Rated version of Jon Bellion and Twenty One Pilots. Blending hip-hop, alternative and pop . Marcaux isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and tell his story. The upcoming Cedar Creek tells his stories of Love, Loss, self doubt, substance abuse, as well as a look back at his past and his childhood through nostalgic eyes.

When did you start playing music?

Marcaux: I started playing guitar when I was 8. I probably started writing music when I was 10. I was also in the school band since elementary school. So yeah, when I was 8 years old is when I really started learning instruments and music theory.

What got you into music?

Marcaux: My mom worked in the music industry my whole life, my whole childhood, so I didn’t have a choice (laugh..). I was surrounded by it my whole life. I love it.

Who are the musicians that influence you?

Marcaux: I was really into punk rock and hip-hop, so like pop punk. So there was Eminem of course. And there was like Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine. Biggie on the hip-hop side. So those hard rock and hip-hop together were all my influences.

Tell us more about your upcoming EP “Cedar Creek”. What can your fans expect of the record?

Marcaux: It’s diving into my past a lot. That’s the whole objective of the EP. So it’s called Cedar Creek cause that was the park next to where I grew up. It’s basically me talking about things from the past but in the perspective of who I am now, instead of in the perspective of who I was then. And sonically, it’s a step away from hip-hop, because I’ve done so much hip-hop, that I kinda want to push my own limits. So it’s just a step towards more musicality and more introspective lyrics.

Are there any stories behind the songs in the EP you wanna share?

Marcaux: Yeah, every song has a story, except maybe for "Harm". "Harm" is more for the fun of it. "Cedar Creek" is about me accepting a lot of issues I dealt with when I was a child. There’s another song, "Shine", which talks a lot about like substance abuse, stuff like that. Song Man vs Himself is about anxiety. "Thank You" and "My Space" are more about relationships, one being love and the other being breakup and heartbreak. They all have a certain theme. It’s like every aspect of who you are when growing up.

Was there any fun experience you had while you were working on this project?

Marcaux: I had a weird at home situation that I wasn’t able to make music in my bedroom anymore, which is where I usually make my music. So I used to sneak into a private beach, into the parking lot, park next to the dumpster. I used to plug my laptop into an aux cord. And I had a mini keyboard. And I used to just sit in my jeep and make all the beats out of my jeep, literarily inside the car. Obviously they didn’t sound the way they do now. I would then take the beat and bring it to the studio. But they all started literarily through sitting in a car in a parking lot of a beach.

Do you think your music style has changed over the years?

Marcaux: Yeah, So the first EP I put out was strictly hip-hop. And then I decided to do more melodic stuff. But it was still kinda in that hip-hop lane. And now it’s like, the song that just came out is the only rap song on the whole project. There are a lot of songs that don’t even have rap on it. I want to go more towards the pop lane, the punk lane, or the indie lane. I like pushing myself and doing different genres. I don’t like to have a ceiling. I want to expand everything.

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Marcaux: When I was little, I went to Galapagos Islands with my family. That was like the best place I’ve ever been to. But musically, Austin, TX. I love Austin, TX. I’ve gone for SXSW, and I’ve gone not for SXSW. It’s my vibe. Everyone is like super chill and it’s still a party town. I feel like we go, we just end up with the craziest stories, always a fun time. LA of course, Atlanta. I’ve been to 9 countries growing up. But I haven’t gone internationally for music yet, but I’m excited to. That’s what I really want to do. My two favorite things are traveling and music, so it would be perfect.

What’s your favorite food?

Marcaux: Ah! It changes. It used to be sushi. I can eat sushi 5, 6 days a week. Lately, it’s been Buffalo wings. For some reason, every time I saw wings on the menu, I’m like, I have to order wings. I had it last night and the night before, I don’t know what’s going on.

Watch Marcaux new music video for Harm here!


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