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Interview: LYNCS

Interview by Rebecca Mae

Hey Jackie, how are you? Welcome to All Or Nothing.

Thank you so much for having me, I’m very excited!

Tell us about your new release, Evergreen.

This song means a lot to me, it’s about growing up to be who you already are and what you were meant to be. I started with the piano riff and out the window stood an evergreen tree and something clicked. The lyric, “Every time I find the meaning of life it changes”, came to me and I ran with it. The song wrote itself, especially after I Googled how incredible evergreen trees are! Did you know they grow on all continents and stay green year round? It became the perfect metaphor for growing up and I’m really proud of it.

Has the current state of things affected the outcome of this project? If so, how?

I’ve really battled with this concern a lot since I am very lucky to be in a safe space and I don’t know anyone affected by COVID-19. I know that the cases are growing and we are still isolated, which makes it difficult to fully enjoy having so much free time, but I’ve been taking advantage of every minute I have! I’m pretty sure I’ve sent a thousand emails at this point and I’ve written about 8 songs. I think my saving grace has been the live shows on Instagram and Zoom, I’ve really enjoyed connecting with audiences in that way - it takes me back to when I would make YouTube videos in high school and video chat on Skype and ooVoo! All in all though I really appreciate having the time to slow down, talk with friends and family, and take my time in life - it’s refreshing.

You are originally from Lancaster, PA but now live in New York City. Do you feel as though your writing/producing process has changed along with your environment?

Ya know, I really thought it would change but my music influences and my process of writing stayed the same so I don’t think my style was affected as much as I thought it would be! There’s a lot of pressure in the city to be as big and as bold as you can be to stick out, but I’ve stuck to my roots and I think that’s helped me more.

Do you think growing up in Lancaster was beneficial to your music journey and development as an artist?

Yes, yes, YES. Lancaster has the most family-like music scene I have ever experienced and I miss it every day. My elementary school encouraged music education and I still talk to my music teacher on a regular basis on Facebook (shoutout to Ms. Pattey!). Growing up the area was surrounded by music and I was lucky enough to find the Music Business Technology program at Millersville University which opened every door I could imagine for me to grow as a musician. When I graduated I started this “Lyncs” project and I was so scared to emerge under the incredible musicians already playing in the city - Liz Fulmer, Jesse Barki, Hadassah Edith, Corty Byron, Tuck Ryan, the list goes on. Lancaster has so much history and for some reason everyone can be a part of it and that doesn’t happen everywhere. I’m not sure if I would be the same musician I am today if it wasn’t for growing up where I did, and I have so much love and pride for my hometown.

I interviewed Brandon Shoop a few months ago, and he is one of your main collaborators. How did you two begin working with one another?

It sounds like the most 21st Century story but we met on Instagram! Brandon messaged me one day and I replied instantly after listening to his music. We met at a cafe and talked about a single I wanted to release (“If You Just”). A couple weeks later it was basically done and I showed him “Black Hole” and we ran with it - the song wasn’t even done being written and he wanted to jump on it. I was really hesitant to move to NYC after that because I really loved our process and working with him is truly the best. I got really lucky in finding someone who hears what I hear and he’s incredibly talented. Now he’s living in Brooklyn and we’re still working on music as if nothing changed. Thanks Instagram!

Who is on your playlist at the moment?

I’m staying up in Woodstock, NY for the time being and there’s this great radio station, 100.1 Radio Woodstock, and they started playing the new HAIM single “I Know Alone” - I’m obsessed and that song was on repeat for about a week! I have also been listening to the new Hayley Williams “Petals For Armor” releases as well as the newest 1975 bop “If You’re Too Shy Let Me Know”. I’m so ready for their record to drop, it's unreal! An honorable mention as well is “PDLIF” by Bon Iver. I rediscovered my love for his sound during this time and it’s so calming. I really needed some soft vibes and boy oh boy did he bring it.

If you could headline one festival, what would it be and why?

I’ve always wanted to play LiveAid as weird as that sounds. I grew up listening to Queen with my dad and the LiveAid festival was the ultimate goal for me. I know it might never happen again, but I’m a big supporter of donating to a cause and using platforms for good and I thought that was the coolest idea. I would love to be a part of something that momentous in history and be a part of change.

What else can we expect from LYNCS this year?

I’ve done a lot of writing and I can’t wait to get back in the studio to release more! In the meantime I’ve got some exciting summer releases on the way that will hopefully spark joy and love in your heart. Unfortunately, all shows I had lined up were cancelled but I hope to line up a new tour when all is said and done. I’m performing with Martin Guitar this week via Facebook (that is truly a dream come true) and there will be more to come. It’s still just the start and I’m beyond excited, but what a roller coaster 2020 has been so far.

I also wanted to say, I just want everyone to know I hope they are safe and sound and I hope this new single brings them peace. Grow at your own pace and live in the moment. Love, Lyncs


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