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Interview: Hania

Interview by Rebecca Mae

Tell us about your new single, “Hollywood”. Is there a specific time in your life that inspired the storyline featured in the song?

Hollywood is inspired by the concept of choosing your career over love. I’ve seen a lot of situations in which those decisions had to be made. I feel like throughout our lives we all have to make them whenever they are of a smaller or bigger caliber. The song shows two sides of that situation. Both the disappointment and the excitement that comes with it. 

Has COVID-19 affected your creative plans or processes? If so, how?

My plans have definitely changed due to the current situation. A lot of the live shows I had planned were postponed. I was supposed to play in New York, Boston, Toronto and Los Angeles. The moment the virus exploded it was clear to me that it’s not a good time to proceed with the shows and they eventually all got canceled. I was looking forward to those shows for sure but I would never want to put anyone at danger. Quarantine has been full of ups and downs. I think it is a difficult time for everyone, some more than others. Through a lot of different emotions, I felt during this time I found a way to remain creative. At the beginning of the lockdown my roommate, who happens to be a producer, and I have invested in a small home studio setup. I’m very grateful we were able to discover this opportunity to work together. I truly believe it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the current situation. 

What are some of your biggest goals for the next year?

My headspace is definitely still in 2020 and I’m very excited for the plans I have this year. In  2021 a lot can change from now until then but I'm still hoping to continue sharing music, connect with more people that resonate with my creations, grow and learn more as an artist and find new ways of expression. I’m also hoping to get back to performing but of course only if it’s safe to do so.

Who is on your playlist right now? 

Some new Alina Baraz from “It was divine” album. My favorites are “To Me” and “Endlessly.” I have been going back to 80s records a lot and pulling lots of inspiration from there. I’ve also become a fan of the new Harry Styles. Every summer I come back to Tame Impala as well and this year is no different. 

What can we expect next from Hania?

I’m releasing a single in July called “Asleep”. It’ll be the first single in anticipation for the release of my upcoming EP dropping later this year. Overall more and more music! 

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