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Article & Photos: Next City

Article by Karina Gaytan
Photos by Jamary Bobe

Next City, the name of your new favorite band. Formed in Los Angeles, and composed by a group of misfits ready to unleash their music for the entire world to hear. Samuel Larsen, Philip Paulsen, Nick Diiorio, and Ben Brinckerhoff, joined together to create a vision that will show the world what they’ve been missing. From combining garage rock with a dancey/pop groove to their tinged guitar and visual lyrics, Los Angeles rock band, Next City is here to cause a scene within the music industry. Heavy hitters like Dead Weather and Queens of the Stone Age, have profoundly influenced the band’s brand of guitar-driven rock, all while incorporating the electric energy of funk driven pop music influenced from Prince and Michael Jackson. The energetic, dance drive Next City offers creates an overall fantastic atmosphere to be in.

At the start of May 2019, Next City released their debut single, "Blue Star"; A song inspired by the polarity between the dream and the reality of Hollywood and how it can be a dream, yet also a nightmare. The song is delivered from the point of view of Hollywood while demonstrating that it’s enticing the dreamer with vivid dreams, but haunting them with the harsh reality of it all. Next City has recently released another single “Tell Me.” This song is able to demonstrate one’s frustration within their love life and the emphasis of them wanting the answers essentially. This single significantly represents the band’s matra on what their music should be, in other words, its “got to be heavy, got to make people dance, and got to be honest.” Next City is quickly making their way to the top, so make sure to join them along their journey!


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