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Album Review: Lucy Spraggan- "Today Was a Good Day"

Review by Jerbria Baker

"Today Was a Good Day" is a newly released album composed by Lucy Spraggan. This album captures various concepts of acceptance, love, life, and the will to survive. The overall sound of the entire collection will keep you interested, warm, and provide the listener with a sense of home.The first track of the album is "Breathe". Spraggan prompts the listener that they are alive. Being alive is proceeding to find who you are and as she uses her self-discovery within the song, she utilizes the representational sound of the piano. When this song is playing it connects to the soul. As long as we are alive, we will go through the trials and mistakes one makes in reality.

The second track, "Lucky stars" captures the essence of a pleasant, catchy tune. This lighthearted, sweet, and traditional melody will melt your heart and ears with a vibrant sound. The constant flow of the beat will keep you on your toes. It is a beautiful and conceptual piece as it touches the meaning of having that special someone. The steady rhythm of the song alone expresses a tune of an uplifting and charming vibe. This song is one to sing along to or share with a loved one.The following track, "End of The World" opens the door for a sweet harmony of drums and guitar. The song is evident on the importance of being with someone you love, even when the world is falling apart. The song's lyrics begin with a slow simplicity, then gradually elevate with the harmonization of the beat and her bold voice. The soft flutter creates the carefree, empathetic tune of the song. The track that presents after, "Lucky Stars" is a piece of work to listen to, as Spraggan's high notes bring in more excitement. The fourth song is, "Don't Play This on the Radio". This track starts very broadly and thunderous right away. Spraggan's voice is both loud and bold. The aspects of the tempo, lyrics and her voice come together to create an amplified anthem. The words roar through your ears on ideas of expressing how she feels as she is a consistent singer and songwriter. She will sing and write on regardless if it plays on the radio or not.

"Dinner's Ready" is the next piece on the album. There is the sentiment of remembrance and moments in one's life that are no longer the same. "Dinner" in the song is echoed as a significant memory as it can represent comfort and bonding. The song resonates with anyone who listens. The sixth song, "Lightning" is one to demonstrate braveness and self-discovery. The instrumental structure of this song correlates with Spraggan's lyrics and heavy vocals. There is the message of having your impact on the world before you pass away - making it known who you really are. The following track, "Home Wasn't Built in a Day" is a slow one. This tune helps insinuate the meaning of the song which is taking a harder grasp on patience and building up a home with one's significant other. The next song is, "Stick the Kettle On" feat. Scouting For Girls. The sound of the piano helps exaggerate boldness of the deeper meaning. The meaning of standing by your wrongs and seeking progress. Listening to this melancholy yet strong tender hearted piece, helps the listener relate and explore growth in a relationship. Also, the coming together of the two different voices, supports this message. The ninth track, "Today Was a Good Day" which is also the name of the album, has a calming start. It is less of a vocal piece and more of an instrumental work. The introduction of the energetic violin helps encapsulate and balance out the authentic, joyful sound. This song may remind you of when someone can find happiness even if it is for one day. Spraggan uses the subject of a significant other and their deep bond. It is just having the presence of both of them together that counts. The next song, "Connie's Bar" is quite different. The lyrics go into an in-depth description of what exactly Connie's Bar is and the environment it represents. It gives a sense of a home away from home. The next piece is "Love is the Best Revenge" which breaks out the guitar once again with an upbeat sound right away. This time there is almost an alternative, pop sound put into the mix. Among the chorus the echo of her voice trails along with the optimistic tones.

The twelfth piece, "The Waiting Room" is the longest song on the album. It is one of the calmer tracks on the record. Spraggan's voice is softer toned and gentle. "As the Saying Goes" the second to last track presents a new structure. It begins with a soft almost rap-like verse. Spraggan grips the very poetic side of her lyrics and tone of voice. Her vocals in this song are steady and slow. This track is more vocalized and simplified instrumentally. The final track, "Thanks for Choosing Me" helps conclude the album in a gentle and comforting manner. A classic tune everyone can nod their heads to. This song radiates and introduces a type of smoothness we hadn't heard before. The song is giving that homegrown feeling one seeks for within their life. Along the lyrics are words of affirmation and hope. This song is sure to build up a valid longing for home, love, experience, and acceptance in someone.    

"Today Was a Good Day" has its unique sound. Lucy Spraggan has shown the tremendous amount of effort she has put into the album. The strong, bright, volume of the messages Spraggan radiates into every one of her songs is worth taking a listen. So open your mind, give this new album a chance and thank the stars for this beautiful piece.


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